Phototherapy Should be Your First Choice

For the tens of millions of people who suffer from a photo-responsive skin condition, many doctors often overlook the potential of phototherapy as a first line of offense to relieve a patient's discomfort from the periodic flare-up psoriasis, the embarrassment of paling vitiligo skin, or the irritation of eczema.

If you could help a patient get relief sooner from the unbearable itching, painful cracking, and embarrassing discoloration, why wouldn't you?

With a long, proven track record as a safe, effective treatment, phototherapy can provide patients relief in more than 80% of the cases - that's a lot of quick relief to those whom really need it. Dependent upon your patients specific condition, topical treatments may be inappropriate or may have lost its effectiveness from prolonged use. Without the side effects and risks associated with biological alternatives, not only can phototherapy be a safer alternative to drugs but also a much more cost-effective treatment.

Ultralite has become the trusted name and choice of leading professionals.

Ultralite is providing professional-grade systems to meet the needs of the foremost hospitals, clinics, medical schools, leading experts and private practices throughout the United States. It has been our dedication to selling the highest quality systems, with the most advanced safeguards, and superior customer service that has made us the most trusted name in phototherapy. For more than 35 years, we have been providing highly-reliable systems to phototherapy facilities - most of which are still fully operational today. Unlike other phototherapy equipment manufacturers, our doctors have not had to reinvest in phototherapy systems due to failure or obsolescence.

HIT Phototherapy Technology

All of our clinic and home phototherapy systems are designed with Ultralite's unique High-Intensity Treatment (HIT) phototherapy technology which enables our systems to offer the same effective treatment in less time. That means, for the same lamp lifetime expectancy, your practice can offer many more treatment sessions per lamp set - lowering your annual maintenance costs.

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Upgrade to Narrowband

With the drastic rise in the cost of PUVA-assisting bioligicals, a transition to narrowband protocols offers many advantages. If you have an Ultralite system that's more than 12 years old, there's no need to replace it. With a simple upgrade, your existing Ultralite system can support narrowband treatment and, with our HIT technology already in your Ultralite system, your annual savings will be amplified.

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